Food Arts 216

Creative customized catering


When preparing food for an event, all of our fruit and vegetable waste is donated to Community Greenhouse Partners, a not-for-profit urban community farm in Cleveland’s St. Clair-Superior neighborhood where it is composted.  The compost is then used for growing fruits, vegetables and micro greens.  Food Arts 216 sources much of its produce from CGP.

On the rare occasions when we need to provide disposable wear, we have sourced and will only use compostable plates, cutlery, napkins and cups. 

To the extent both possible and practical, we endeavor to use locally produced, organic, GMO free and sustainably grown/raised foods.

It’s tough to avoid paper and plastic and glass packaging, but we’re committed to recycling as much as we can.  As a business practice, all of our menus and invoices are emailed to our clients, avoiding the use of paper.  As a matter of fact, our office does not even own a printer!